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Daughter Birthday eCard
No. 6649
Daughter  Birthday e Card
No. 6052
Daughter Birthday eCard
Card No. 6352
greetings card with flowers

Free card with roses
 dreamy hearts and
sparkling stars
and Poetic
Birthday Wishes
for a Darling
(Sparkly Animation)
Postcard with Cute Young Girl with Dog Animation

Free card with girl
with flowers and gifts
with a message saying
Happy Birthday to
a Great
Greeting with Girl, Birthday Cake, Balloons, Birthday Banner, Gifts

Free card with
girl at a party
with the message
Happy Birthday

Family Birthday
eCard No. 6491

Family Birthday
eCard No. 6013


twinkly rose card with poem

Free sentimental card
with roses, hearts and
twinkly stars
and a
Birthday Poem ..
Love & Kisses

Teddy Bear Card with Poetic Birthday Message for daughter

Free cute card
with teddy sending
hugs and kisses
and a message saying
Happy Birthday
to a sweet
with loving poem
(Animated Teddy)

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Free daughter Cards
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Musical Animated Birthday Cards for all  the family.  Here you will find a selection of great cards for
 brothers and sisters to send to their sisters.   Delightful Cards to brighten the day of your siblings. 
It's so easy to show your love simply by sending a nice card with loving message.





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