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I'm* sincere apologies cards * digit big apology greeting cards *  let's make up greeting message *  I was wrong, please forgive me

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      Please use our sweet and simple animated, musical greetings to say you're sorry.
Send an appealing musical e-Card with a message of regret to a relative a friend or other loved one.

 Cute and simple online greeting cards that are Fast, Free and Easy
to send - once you get the hang of it!!












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Sorry eCard
No. 6813

Sorry e Card
No. 6249

Sorry eCard
No. 7551

Im Sorry Card with Red Roses and a please forgive me poem

Card with red roses
dreamy hearts and
Poetic Message saying
I'm so sorry that I made you sad...

Sorry e-Card with Animated Frog Apology

Cute card with sad frog
sending a message
of apology saying
I'm so Sorry
Please forgive me
 (Tearful Frog Animation)
Card with picture of cute little boy and girl with Sorry message

Cute picture card  with
a little boy and girl
with a message saying
I am Sorry


Card No.  6561

Card No.  6564


Sentimental Sorry Card with young couple kissing & making up

Card with a couple
sharing a kiss and a
message saying
I'm really sorry
Please can we kiss
and make up

Card with Bee apologising for stinging words - Toon style  message

Cute Bumble bee card
carrying flowers and saying
Sorry if my words
stung you

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Had an argument? We're you in the wrong? Want to make up? 
 Say I'm sorry with an appealing  e-card and your apologies will be accepted in no time!



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